Praying for the Church and It’s Leaders

Almighty Father,

You know our hearts. You know our deepest intentions. You know our deepest motivations. Father, I pray that your Church is faithfully fulfilling your will for us. I pray Father that if we are not, that you would show us the way, convict us of the need and give us the tools to find our way home.

Thank you for being patient with us. Thank you for waiting on us. Thank you for not giving up on us. Please Father, give the leaders of your Church throughout the world the ability to recognize your Truth and the courage to teach and to live it! Help me Father, to seek your will, to live it passionately and to communicate it clearly.  Help us all to seek your approval first and above all else.

My words can’t express my love and resounding humility as I consider your holiness and my unworthiness. I want to be yours. I want to serve you and know you. I want to be with you. Please Father, take my hand and show me the way. Amen

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