21 for 21

Father God,

As I listened to stories of abused children today, I heard you. I heard your voice whisper to me as the violence and turmoil in those kids lives was shared. Father, help me to hurt when your creation hurts. And Father, help me to reach out my hand to love and encourage and uplift when your precious children have been hurt and marginalized and pushed down. Father, please trust me with opportunities to be Jesus in the lives of kids who have not yet seen him. Father, fix my impatience with my own children. Remind me to set high expectations but to allow them the room to be kids. Molly and I sincerely see each of our children as your children; and as a blessing that you have trusted us with. We desire so greatly to return your children to you, having taught them to walk in your love, and to honor and glorify you with their lives. Please forgive me for my failures in that. And Father God, please mend my faults and make me into the parent you want me to be.

Father, I close this prayer by thanking you and by making one more request. You have heard our prayers on behalf of Teresa and BJ. For that I thank you. I know that you are working in that situation on your schedule and in your way. Whether he pulls through or not, is under your control. But Father, I am so thankful that you have restored to Teresa the peace of knowing you and your power. My last request is this, please give me another opportunity to reach out to BJ’s friends. So many of our family have prayed diligently for them. And so many of our family have tried so hard to show them your Son. Please God, give me one more chance.

Father, please keep my wife and children in the care of your eternal and powerful arms. Thank you for patiently molding me into the image of your Son. Amen.

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